phase two of this Wake project:   1 comment

Idea 1:

“Classifying assemblages… mechanic assemblages outside the strata, on the strata, or between strata” (The geology of Morals, 71).

Idea 2:

I’m not sure how I will apply this quote to Finnegans Wake. Not like this:  I had a dream on Tuesday night in a chambre d’hôte in Marseille. I was separating the different components of Finnegans Wake based on their density. These components were like the forms that result from the German/Austrian tradition of “das bleigiessen”, when lead is melted, cast into water and the resultant structure is read like tea leaves. If you’re curious (and can speak German) here is a link explaining how the various lead forms of the bleigiessen are interpreted.

I let similar Finnegans Wake components fall through water (I think). Then I collected each density group’s assemblage on a specific swimming float. Afterwards I piled these floats up in the correct order in a sink, planning to analyse them later. At some point I woke up worrying that I’d  no idea which room in the hotel contained the floats from my experiment.

Idea 3:

To visit Lawrence Sterne’s Shandy Hall while I’m in York next week. But this won’t work. The house is closed until May ;°(

Posted February 3, 2011 by R.H.H. Nisbet

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  1. Thank you so much for recording this great work!

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