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previous post on this blog was my last audio entry. I’ve reeled my way around Finnegans Wake.

I wanted to finish my audio project in time for James Joyce’s birthday (yesterday), as Joyce had a tradition of timing the end of artistic projects with his birthday.

In the coming months, as I listen closely to the audio files I’ve made, I’ll post occasional comments here. So please click back from time to time.

Meanwhile, here is the song “Finnegan’s Wake”.

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Slange to you!

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As the lion in our teargarten remembers the nenuphars of his Nile   1 comment


Burial of HCE in Lough Neagh

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A good jibe at the “phallusaphist” in this reading (72.14).

See this link to Derrida and Nietzsche.

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Chest Cee! ‘Sdense!… you spoof of visibility in a freakfog,   Leave a comment


In this chapter I’ve:

Vibed with the “Eyrawygla saga” and his “exceedingly nice ear” (48.16-21).

Met Padre Don Bruno (50.19).

Lost the identity of “the body” in the fog of night stories “this scherzarade of one’s thousand one nightiness” (51.4-6)

Met a native of the “sisterisle” (Scotland?)

Been presented flat scenes like “a landscape from Wildu Picturescu… or some seem on some dimb Arras dumb as Mum’s mutyness” (53.1-3). A silent semblance of appearance that introduces the arras in Gertrude’s chamber in Hamlet. And perhaps the echo of Polonius (who fatally stood behind it) in the shadowy cry of “letate!” (Laertes) as a midnight hour is struck (53.20).

There is a shift to the waxy world of “Madam’s Toshowus” and our “notional gullery” (57.20-21)-  We are in London. “Longtong’s breach is fallen down” (58.10). There is a woman “callit by a noted stagey elecutioner in “a waistend pewty parlour” (58.34-36).

Yet there is still talk on the street of the “Irewaker” (59.26). And this tips into bad egg cracks (homelette, hegg).

This would make sense as an evening newscast is being related: “Earwicker’s version of the story filmed, televised and broadcast” (lii). Typically a newscast moves from international, to national, regional and then local news…

There is mention of  “the park” (60.24) and Caligula (Camus?). Before a switch to Sydney…

Then later on there is a wedding to the “lottuse land” (Ulysses ref?), “Emerald-illuim” and first pharoah, “Humpheres Cheops Exarchas” judge of the “common or ere-in-garden” (62.19-21).

There’s an attack. And a pub crawl around biblical symbols Blazes, Hell, Sun, Lamb (63.23-24) finishing in the “Ramitdown’s ship hotel” (63.25). Very funny.

In addition to Hamlet /Homelette, perhaps the song “This old man, he played one” is rolls around underneath this chapter?:

He played knick-knack on my thumb. (on a drum, on my tongue)
With a knick-knack,

paddy whack, (64.24)…

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Appreciate the joy of me on the Casio SA-8 keyboard, and singing the tune of “The Ballad of Persse O’Reilly”!

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(Stoop) if you are abcedminded, to this clay book   Leave a comment


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Sir Tristram, violer d’amores, fr’over the short sea   Leave a comment


Curious to see the order in which the “end members” of Joyce’s assemblage of characters are introduced in the first pages of FW.

The riverrun, past Eve and Adam’s to Howth Castle (3.1-3)

Sir Tristram’s re-arrival  (3.4)

Jhem or Shen (3.13)

The fall (3.15-21)

The park (3.22)

Iseut (4.14)

Finnegan, of the stuttering Head (4.18)

HCE – Haroun Childeric Eggberth (4.32) (–> Hush! Caution! Echoland! (13.5)

Mistress Kathe’s “museyroom tour guided by the deixic relation “This is that/ That is this” (8.9 – 10.23): a relational unity (Jackson, 1983; quoted in Ingold, Culture, Nature, Environment 50).

A chronological chiasmus: 1132 A.D; 566 A.D. (Silent) 566 A.D.; 1132 A.D. (13.34-14.15).

Jute and Mutt (and the dramatic form; 16.10-18.16)

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Ricorso – Dawn of the new era – The celbration of Kevin – HCE’s indiscretion published, scene of crime revisited – Mutt and Juva, the dispute between St Patrick and the Archdruid – ALP’s letter – Anna Livia’s soliloquy.

I spent the day warming up for this reading: straight through part IV of Finnegans Wake, and back round to the start.

The program was breakfast; a gym session; a trip to the market; yoga, and then some time with Deleuze and Guattari’s What is Philosophy? I read the conclusion, “from Chaos to the brain” and afterwards “The Plane of Immanence” chapter.

This got me in the right place. A cup of coffee after sun set, and I began to read.

It’s the first time I’ve had visual imagery (like a flickering mental film) whilst reading FW, tracing “The miracles, death and life” (605.3).  “Loonley in me loneness” (627.34).

Prospector projector and boomooster giant builder of all causeways woesoever,   Leave a comment


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Jeminy, what is the view which now takes up a second position of discordance, tell it please? Mark!   Leave a comment


Fun to read.

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