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The quantum theory of Talis. This pseudoscience talk of the “faroscope”, “Fairynelly’s vacuum” and the “microbemost cosm” puts me in mind of the latest physics report from CERN (Wake, 150; 151):

” LHC protons 2010: mission accomplished

When we started running the LHC at the end of March, we set ourselves the objective of reaching a luminosity of 1032 by the end of 2010 proton running. Last night, we achieved that goal.  The beams that went in at around 2:00am, were colliding with a luminosity of 1.01 ´ 1032 by 3:38am in both ATLAS and CMS, and had delivered an integrated luminosity of over 2 inverse picobarns to ATLAS, CMS and LHCb by midday today. It’s a great achievement by all concerned to reach this important milestone with over two weeks to spare. The remainder of this year’s proton running will be devoted to maximising the LHC 2010 data set and preparing for 2011 proton running before we switch to lead ions in November.” (Rolf Heuer, Thursday, October 14, 2010 2:52 PM)

Really, I think they’re looking for the “Mooske” within the “wearywide space” (Wake, 152).

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