The geo-logical supersedes the ana-logical.   Leave a comment

Seventeen years after I started my first year studies at Glasgow University (geology, psychology, chemistry) I’ve found Schelling!

I’m so happy! On Friday I was explaining why I gradually become a storyteller after completing a geology PhD (Geophysiology/Gaia theory). Daniel Whistler’s early draft of Language After Philosophy of Nature: Schelling’s Geology of Divine Names confirms the underlying logic of this trajectory.

“Das Eine weise Wesen will nicht das alleinige genannt seyn, den Namen Zeus will es!

The One wise nature does not wish to be called that exclusively; it wishes the name ‘Zeus’. ”

Schelling, surely a friend in reading Finnegans Wake.


Posted January 30, 2011 by R.H.H. Nisbet in Literary Theory, process-relational

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