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In my last post I wrote about the Ice Climbing World Cup at Saas Fee and how I could not take it in initially. I don’t think my mirror neurons fired…

By coincidence I’d taken John Berger’s Ways of Seeing along with me for the weekend. It primed me to key into the live imagery from a feminist standpoint.

I so loved the way the men and the women moved in the same way during the speed climbing contest. Check out Russia’s You Tube posts below:

Listen for gendered commentary in your head.

It is weird to have men acting as “belay bunnies” for the women?

Are the sound tracks gendered?



This is perhaps the first version of “The Fall” that I’ve enjoyed. ;°).

Do gendered representations imply an inherently unequal power relationship? Here it is predominantly person vs gravity…

Although the chick-strop-after-fall is more culpable than the bloke-strop-after-fall…

In a Saas Fee sports shop there was an advertising shot based on the Biblical “Fall”.

titian the fall of man 1565Titian The Fall of Man (1565)

The Hopesend was asking about the cost of touring skis when I spotted it:

“Look! It’s the Fall” I yelled. “Look! The woman is skiing in her underwear, with a belly button piercing. And the focus of the shot is her tilted crotch. Not the bloke skiing in his underpants. Or the Allalinhorn. Look! Can you believe it!?”

Censured, I later forgot Ways of Seeing in a mountain hut. But the 1970’s TV program on which the book is based is available on You Tube.

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