Ladder to the Moon   Leave a comment

Working on my storytelling craft just now, I was reading Ben Haggarty’s essay, Ladder to the Moon.

Ben’s section, “The story of the night of stories”, tells of how the traditional storytelling sequence at a Catholic Wake or Veillée is ” a journey of ever increasing perspective”:

from anecdotes; to stories about common ancestors; to tales clustered around a folk hero; to legends and ghost stories. Then, as the night deadens the wonder tales begin. Ogres, beggar-guides and false mothers come into hearing. In the silence that follows the legendary ancestors are evoked suggesting “a bridge between this world and the manifest forces of fate and destiny that govern it.” Before, larger than life heros and heroines collide “with each other and the with the Gods, all driven by the chaos of an emotional life painted eternally loud and clear – and all too familiar”. Finally all shifts to the realm of the Gods. And, as thoughts of creation come to mouth and mind,  a new dawn breaks.


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