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In this passage all directions are whispered; all section “headings” are read loudly; and the footnotes are read all together at the end!

My favourite endnote of the year is in Timothy Morton’s The Ecological Thought. It refers to the “happy-happy joy-joy” song in Ren and Stimpy. I’ve since returned this book to its owner, but I guess the context of the endnote was consumerism… or perhaps environmentalism as an ideological consumer strategy?

See for example Morton’s post of May 2000:

“the knowing, happy-happy joy-joy imagery of workers in suburbia/countryside, a homage to Stalinist cinema), “New Killer Star” observes correctly that there’s nowhere to which to escape, nowhere from which to mount a criticism of current social conditions that is outside of those conditions. Nature is as much a part of the perverse enjoyment-factory as the twin towers of the power station exuding polluting smoke within the emerald landscape of the video.”

Well, today I received a Ren & Stimpy box set from Amazon, and have just finished appreciating the “perverse enjoyment factory” satirized in the “happy-happy joy-joy” song.

Right! Now its time to grapple with the massive footnotes in the current excerpt of Finnegans Wake (located at the top of this post, as per usual).


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