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Children’s games end. Prayers before bed.

The children’s storytelling and art class that I co-run restarted today, after the half-term holidays.

So I was already warmed up for reading the Wake. Since this morning I was the trickster God Loki, attached to a flying eagle by Giant magic, and dragged across a glacier, (ah! ah! ah! ow! ow! owwww! w! W! AYE, ARGHHHHHH) All sore and bottom-grazed, Loki agrees to give Idrun (guardian of the life-giving apple tree) up to the Giants…. This is a BIG mistake.

I loved seeing how the children morphed this story in their drawings.

One little girl drew Loki’s rainbow house (she drew the rainbow Bifrost that goes from the land of the Gods to the land of Men last time we met…); and she drew Loki flying as a rainbow bird; and she drew a rainbow coloured sky.

Another little girl drew the opening scene, where the Gods try and roast meat on a spit and it won’t cook. She drew the spit and the meat tiny tiny. But she put in a big grey castle behind the spit scene. (Some girls have been drawing castles since week one of the class when I told Puss in Boots…) The eagle figured in the middle of this girl’s page, big and brown.

Another (older) girl drew the mise-en abime in the story: when Loki tricks Idrun to leave Asgard, the land of the Gods, by telling a tale of a tree of golden apples that grows in Mitgard. Of course, Idrun buys the story because she can picture the tree so clearly… and so off Loki and she go over the rainbow to the land of the Giants… But an apple tree so fantastic could only exist in Loki’s imagination, and indeed on the other side of the rainbow there is only a dark room waiting for Idrun in the home of the Eagle-Giant.

There are dangers associated with Joyce’s “Eye trompit” (247.32-33), as Gorgias has already stated.

Reading just now, I feel like I experienced the mirror-image of the children’s drawing this morning: a medley of sounds, voices, chants, stories and chinese whispers that hint at the picture and pattern making going on in many siblings heads.

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