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This is an excellent nag-rant, in a motherly tone. (187.15 – 195.6)

Since I assume it is directed at the “self valeter”, and oog/ uoves/ oves/ uves/ friedegg rustler-upper Shem (184.11-32); and since FW is very much an encyclopedic project: I find it apt to propose my newest egg-based recipe below.

Buckwheat and banana pancakes (Adapted from a Goûté ça et épousse-moi recipe.)

For best results, please use organic & Fairtrade ingredients.

Batter : 170 grams mixed buckwheat and wholemeal flour – 60:40 so the batter isn’t too heavy

+ 1 teaspoon baking powder

+ 1 egg/oog/ uove/ ove/ uve

+ milk (200 ml)

+ a slug of maple syrup

+ a pinch of salt

Place 2 soup spoons of this batter mix into hot butter in a frying pan, to form a little pancake.

When the pancake base starts to cook, pop as many banana slices as possible into the squishy batter.

Turn over when possible and wait for the banana to caramelise.

Pancakes can be kept in the oven at 120°C until a good stack is ready.

Serve on a cold night by a warm fire, doused with maple syrup, to anyone with the inverse of Shem the Penman’s qualities.

A jewelled “egg” from my current jewellery exhibition at le Robertsau

Posted November 1, 2010 by R.H.H. Nisbet in Art, Finnegans Wake Audio Recording, Food

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