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“Rachel, you should read Ulysses when you’re grown up.” My English teacher said, 16 years ago.

Done that, thanks to Professor David Spurr’s MA seminar at Geneva University (2010). So, as I am now officially grown up , I’ve decided to carry on with Joyce.

Last night I went to Fritz Senn’s Finnegans Wake reading group in Zurich. They read a page a week. It is excellent. Although the ultimate frivolity for me:  I took  10 hours to make the round trip in order to attend a 1 and a 1/2 hour meeting! Much as I loved the reading group, I doubt will be able to attend every week, for the next twelve years, in order to read my way around this text.

Adult I may be, but I’m still young enough to be impatient. So I’ve decided to sound out the Wake in a different way. I’ll be reading 10 pages a day, out loud, for the next 65 days: i.e. up to the Christmas holidays. I’m not reading for meaning, just for the sound of it. I’m using the Penguin Modern Classics edition (2000). So, please listen along!


Posted October 15, 2010 by R.H.H. Nisbet in Finnegans Wake Audio Recording, Ulysses

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